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Who would have thought that someone like TV celebrity Anna Nicole Smith would posthumously end up being the talk of the town with these explosive and revealing photos! I mean we would understand if it were like nude pictures of one celebrity getting leaked out in public or something, but in Anna Nicole Smith’s case, it is more than just her naked self that you’ll be seeing with our small photo collection we have uncovered… and let’s say Anna Nicole is having a really grand time “enjoying the company” of her girlfriend in the bathtub… if you get my drift.
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Anna Nicole Smith Cosplay Pics

These are some images that made me stop in my tracks and go WTF?  I mean I never knew Anna Nicole Smith did some cosplay photos!  Apparently she did these way back in 2004 for a G4 photoshoot.  G4 is the video gamers network that puts out TV fare such as Attack of the Show and X-Play.  And so here we have the buxom Anna Nicole in cosplay gear for their many fans.

Anna looks really sexy in her anime costumes, and her bountiful breasts are literally straining to stay in their costume!  For those who are unaware of her costume’s origins, she’s dressed up as Ivy from Soul Calibur in the first pics, and as Rikku from Final Fantasy X and X-2 in the second pic.  Now that’s really anime and we’re proud to have this busty lady looking sexy in these costumes for us.

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Anna Nicole Smith Blowjob Images

No one comes close to this enigmatic sex goddess who made heads turn with her oozing sex appeal when she first appeared on Playboy until her rise to Hollywood stardom. Her life under the spotlight was not always bright and colourful as it may seem after she suffered and endured one scandal after the other until her untimely demise last February of 2007. Her death was as controversial as her life as a Playboy model, an actress and as a mother. But none of us will ever forget the times where she bravely showed to the world her voluptuous, naked body for man to enjoy… and as we remember Anna Nicole Smith in life and in death, we give you this small collection of naughty images of her that you can find only at Anna Nicole Smith Blowjob Images.

Anna Nicole Smith Blowjob Images gives you some of the raunchiest pictures of this busty blonde vixen getting down and dirty with some of the biggest cocks in town as she licks and sucks them until she gets her pretty face drenching with tons of sticky cum for her to feast on! It may be just a small portion of what we have to offer but you can get to see more of her sizzling images by clicking here and reminisce the good ol’ times with this Hollywood bombshell only at Anna Nicole Smith Blowjob Images.


Another Anna Nicole Epilogue

Anna Nicole Smith has left many legacies after her untimely death in February of 2007. These legacies include living legacies like her daughter Dannielynn, and pop culture legacies like her Guess jeans campaign and her tabloid TV ending. And then there are those legal entanglements, like the still ongoing battle for J. Howard Marshall’s estate.

One of those legacies came to a conclusion recently in a California courtroom, and it’s a combination of the tabloid and legal elements of her life. “Anna Nicole Smith – Portrait of an Icon” is a tell-all book written by Anna Nicole’s dress designer Pol’ Atteu and his partner Patrick Simpson, who published their own edition to compete with Corona Books, which also published the book.

The authors claimed they only had a draft agreement with Jody Gibson, who is the owner of Corona Books, but a judge ruled recently that Corona Books had the right to publish it. Meanwhile Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead threatend to sue over the material contained in the book, so maybe this small part of the legacy isn’t over after all.


Anna Nicole’s Life Story To Be Turned Into An Opera

Yes, Anna Nicole’s life, which is full of triumph, tragedy, and doomed love affairs and a tragic early death is the stuff that dramas and TV movies are made of. But opera? Soap opera maybe. Still, Richard Thomas, the British writer behind “Jerry Springer – The Opera” is set to do the same for Anna Nicole.

Thomas was quoted in the London Independent as saying “It’s an incredible story. It’s very operatic and sad. She was quite a smart lady with the tragic flaw that she could not seem to get through life without a vat of prescription painkillers.”

Richard Thomas’ “Jerry Springer – The Opera” debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and made quite a splash. It then moved on to London, running for a season before going to Carnegie Hall in New York just this year. It pokes fun at the controversial morning talks how host, and now he looks set to poke fun at a controversial dead reality show star.

Thomas claims though, that he loves American culture. “Especially for opera, the stories seem to work on a grander, more epic scale. They seem more extreme — it’s a blessing and a curse,” he said.

Thomas reportedly plans to end the story with Smith’s death on Feb. 8, 2007, in Room 607 of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida at age 39.

“For me, it ends when she does,” Thomas said. Maybe he should make the tell-all Anna Nicole book by Rita Cosby the basis for his opera. Now that would be extremely dramatic indeed!


Larry Birkhead And Howard K. Stern Lovers?

A book written by former MSNBC journalist Rita Cosby called “Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death” reportedly reveals that the two men who battled for custody over Anna Nicole’s baby girl Dannielynn were gay lovers!

The shocking passage in the pages of the book details how Anna Nicole and her friend allegedly caught Birkhead and Stern with their shirts off and their pants down around their ankles in a house in Los Angeles. Jackie Hatten, the friend mentioned in the book, said that the two men were engaged in oral sex and that their bodies were intermingled.

Howard K. Stern was Anna Nicole Smith’s longtime lawyer-turned-boyfriend, while Larry Birkhead is her daughter’s biological father.

The book also accuses Stern and Birkhead of making a secret deal after Anna Nicole’s death, letting Birkhead take custody of Dannielynn in return for naming Stern executor of Anna Nicole’s estate. It also alleges that Anna Nicole feared that Stern played a role in her son’s tragic death.

Birkhead and a lawyer for Stern both denied the accusations and vowed to sue if the book were ever published. “None of it is true,” Birkhead told a newspaper. “I’m gonna sue Rita Cosby for it.” Lin Wood, Stern’s lawyer, said the book’s content was “false and defamatory” and said the Cosby “will be held legally accountable.”

The 244-page book contains many more shocking “revelations”, portraying Stern as a jealous, money-hungry control freak who manipulated Anna Nicole with his bag full of meds like meds Vicodin, Valium, morphine and Demerol. Anna Nicole’s ex-boyfriend Ben Thompson told Cosby “He was the pharmacist and [the bag] was the drugstore.”

Birkhead would also allegedly give Anna Nicole cocktails of drugs, or just watch as Stern dispensed his goodies to her. Anna Nicole reportedly knew that the two were lovers, but still chose Birkhead to impregnate her because she wanted a blonde, blue-eyed baby. Anna Nicole, as everyone knows, was a big admirer of Marilyn Monroe.

The book also narrates Anna Nicole’s final days in room 607, raging with a 105-degree fever while being watched over by Stern, her bodyguard, her psychiatrist and some aides. A pus-filled abscess from a needle injection in her left buttock was the cause of the infection, yet Anna Nicole was right handed, so she couldn’t have been the one who administered it.

Stern nonchalantly abandoned her just to keep an appointment with a boat broker, the book alleges.

Fallout from the details in the book has already cost Birkhead the coverage of Dannielynn’s first birthday by OK! Magazine, which pulled out of the final part of a $1.7 million access deal.


Unseen Photos To Appear In Playboy Anna Nicole Tribute

Play boy magazine will be publishing an Anna Nicole Smith tribute issue, and previously unseen photographs of their former model will be part of their 10-page Anna Nicole spread.

An hour-long retrospective on the Playboy Channel and an online memorial on are also being planned.

The upcoming May edition of the magazine will be the tribute issue for Anna Nicole, who was Playmate of the Year in 1993.

Even with her death last February, the ongoing legal feud over the custody of her six-month old daughter Dannielynn ensures that the public’s fascination with Anna Nicole remains unabated.

That’s good news for those involved in the planned auction of two of her journals and an ID, among several pieces of memorabilia. The two handwritten diaries reveal a young woman in love with her very old oil tycoon husband, but very depressed about her eating habits.